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Terra Nova: Global Revolution and the Healing of Love
by Dieter Duhm

We live in apocalyptic times. We see the miracles of technology, the high gloss of urban façades, the wealth of the elites; and we see the beaten and starving human beings, the destroyed nature and the war machine that has gotten out of control.

We need nothing more urgently today than an idea of how it could go on. Most futurists are thereby thinking of new systems for energy, food, urban living, markets, and economy. Only a few visionaries also include the human inner world in their survival strategies. One of them is Dieter Duhm.

Today's human world does not only fail due to erroneous organization and the monopolist economy of late capitalism; above all it fails due to the human being himself. The human being was the cause of his own failure because he planned straight past some essential aspects of his own inner world. His inner world – this is the driving powers of his soul, his libidinous longings, his sexuality and animality, his spiritual powers, his hopes and fears, his entire potential of unrecognized and untapped energies. It is the inner world of the human being that steers the external processes in politics and economy. The changes in the inner human world determine whether a social revolution will be successful or not.”

To find out how peace is created, the author established a research community. He wanted to bring the vision of a peaceful Earth in alignment with the inner world, with what awaits fulfillment in the souls, hearts, and driving forces of the people.

When we laid the groundwork of the coming community with a small group in 1978, we made a basic decision for our entire lives. I knew that from now on I needed to participate in all phases of community building in order to understand how group conflicts develop and how to dissolve them. I was a scientist and writer, but I needed a practicum in the research work, and this practicum has not stopped ever since. I have not been spared anything that happens among human beings. If one wants to know how humankind functions, one should find out how a group functions, for it contains all light and shadow sides of our human existence within it.”

The book is the essence of this long-standing pioneer work of establishing functioning communities. The new experiences lead to a new overview of the possibilities that we human beings still have, despite it all. From many different directions, the author leads his reader ever closer to a point of certainty that yes, in this way peace could emerge.

A book for all those that love life and want to help to build a positive future.

Dieter Duhm
Terra Nova: Global Revolution and the Healing of Love
German original published on November 9th 2014
English edition to be published in Autumn 2015
publishing house: Verlag Meiga


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