Why Study?

Why Study?


We can only terminate the existing globalization of war and replace it by a globalization of peace if we manage to activate new mental-spiritual resources in humanity. Albert Einstein said, “The thinking of the future must make war impossible.”

The work with study groups is intended to develop new ways of thinking and exchange spaces where knowledge, perspective and deep understanding among people become possible.

Studying for us does not mean that we gather facts, memorize and repeat them. It means that we learn to create spaces where consciousness can arise.

We all come from a cultural history in which authentic thinking was systematically destroyed to make people governable. Our present culture is deprived of Geist (German word that has no direct equivalent in English, it combines the meaning of mind, spirit and intellect). With Geist we mean a power of consciousness that is inherent in life itself. Every real thought has an effect on our body - a thought which does not, is none at all. A geistig way of life has to do with the knowledge that all life processes in us and in the world are, at the core, steered by thought.

It is through developing new thought that we bring new realities to being.

The original curiosity and willingness to learn with which a child discovers this world of magic and wonder – which is systematically broken through a massive chain of education, school, media and socialization – should naturally remain throughout one’s whole life. Studying, in terms of "Terra Nova", is the reappropriation of lost geistig power and the liberation of our natural learning drive from all mental shackles. It's about reconnecting with the power of one's own cognitive powers, learning to understand life and the human being.

It is about finding our true, deep questions and following them. The world is full of answers; but they can only come to us when we have found the right questions.

The future is always present. The caterpillar contains the information of the butterfly. Similarly, behind the global violence, the dream of a new Earth develops. Studying means connecting to and concentrating this information. Building vision is an essential part of birthing the new era. The more the vision of Terra Nova is seen, studied and shared, the more it will manifest on Earth.




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