Content & Curriculum

Content & Curriculum


The Terra Nova School is aimed at all people, especially the young generation, who want to actively help to make a livable future on this planet possible. We study for the aim of life and love - not for ego and profit.

The base station and curriculum source for the Terra Nova School is the Tamera Peace Research Center - a gathering point of knowledge for a future without war. Here the social, environmental, and technological foundations of a new culture are collected, researched and realized in a working model.

In addition, we want the Terra Nova School to increasingly become a platform for peace knowledge from around the world synthesizing the knowledge of various researchers and individual projects.


The curriculum consists of four main areas:

1. Spiritual level: The world that we create has to come together again with the world that has created us. By reconnection to the cosmic origin of our lives we find an essential key for the healing of planet Earth. Study issues: interconnectedness of Life, spiritual life practice, prehistoric utopia.

2. Social level: A humane future is rooted in a non-violent coexistence among human beings – and in a new relationship between the genders. There can be no peace on Earth as long as there is war in love. Study topics: building communities of trust, child raising that protects inner freedom, new field of woman's power, healing of love, free sexuality and partnership.

3. Ecological level: Water, energy and food are freely available to all living beings if we follow the logic of nature and not to the laws of capital.
Study topics: building self-sufficient forms of life, healing of water, Permaculture, cooperation with nature.

4. Global level: Why can a few groups change the world? Insight into the global political processes and the holistic and holographic structure of reality.
Study topics: global transformation, 'Healing Biotopes' plan, theory of global healing.


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