Terra Nova School


The Terra Nova School establishes an international cooperation for the development of a humane form of existence without fear and violence. It consists of local study groups and centers in various countries around the world.

The school serves the development of global consciousness, community building, healing love and creating a realistic utopia for the future. The Terra Nova School combines the social, ecological and spiritual knowledge needed to manifest humanity's greatest dream – a world based on cooperation, solidarity and trust. We invite you to join and collaborate!

We are working on the foundations for a future without war.
The Terra Nova School follows a new principle of peace activism – the building of a new information field. War, oppression and destruction originate from a global matrix of violence. The present world follows the morphogenetic field of war. We can only end the suffering if we step out of this field and build a new one – the morphogenetic field of peace. This is a fundamental system change from the old matrix of violence to a new matrix of trust and cooperation.


For this purpose, the Terra Nova School works along the following guidelines and tasks:

• Realigning the human world with the higher order of life and creation

• Non-violent cooperation with all co-creatures

• Restoring nature and building “Water Retention Landscapes”

• Establishing decentralized subsistence economies

• Withdrawal from the oil industry through the development of autonomous energy systems

• Building functioning communities

• Ethic of truth, mutual support and responsible participation

• Ending the war between the genders and all sexual humiliation

• Truth in love and no deceit in partnerships

• No revenge – Grace instead of retribution



Contact & Info:

Just write a mail to igp(a)tamera.org