How to Participate



We invite to collaborate in the building of a new planetary culture.


1 – Register
Contact us at igp (at) tamera (dot) org. You will receive a training package with study texts, lectures and videos once a month.


2 – Create a study group
Join an existing study group in your city or region. If there is no group near you yet – start a new one! Invite friends, colleagues and interested people to regularly meet, develop knowledge for a humane future and build community on this basis. The various groups will connect and exchange worldwide via our online platform.


3 – Follow the ethics
of truth, mutual support and responsible participation in the group and movement!
Never lie to your lovepartner! Respect evey being even the smallest!
Whenever you decide for trust instead of fear, you open a window into the new Earth.


4 – Spread the word
Organize public events to share the vision of Terra Nova. Host readings, film screenings, political cafés, and art events in your cities. Create something that inspires you and spreads the spirit of realistic utopia!


5– Join global action days and annual gatherings!
Celebrate common action days like the Global Grace Day on November 9th where one can take a stand for a future without war. All participants of the school are annually invited to come together and meet personally in global gatherings, sharing our experiences and visions. The next meeting point will be in the Tamera Peace Research Center in Portugal, from July 31st – August 9th 2015.

Contact & Info:

Just write a mail to igp(a)